Which Girl's Name Is Also The Name Of A River, Flower and Movie?


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The girl's name Iris springs to mind here. Derived from a Greek word meaning rainbow, it has been used as a girl's name (probably in reference to Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow) in Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, England, Catalonia, Wales and the US for decades.

The River Iris

The Turkish river Yesilirmak also used to be known as Iris, although why this was so seems to be unknown. As it again stems from the ancient Greek word, maybe it was applied to the river as a reference to colours resulting from the play of light on it.

The Movie Iris

Richard Eyer's film Iris, released in 2001, tells the true story of novelist Iris Murdoch and her husband, Bayley. It's based on Bayley Murdoch's memories of Iris and their life together as she developed and eventually succumbed to Alzheimer's disease. Parts of the film, which starred Kate Winslet and Dame Judie Dench as Iris at different stages of her life, were filmed on location at Southwold, Suffolk. Southwold was one of Iris Murdoch's favourite holiday destinations.

The Iris Flower

Iris is actually a genus of around 260 different species of flowering plants. In addition to being a scientific name, it is also used as a common name for just about all of the species of the genus. Some of the species are more commonly referred to as flags, while those of the subspecies Scorpiris are often called junos.

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It can be rose it is name of flower a river in virginia usa name of a hollywood movie and name of girl as well
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Rose? Don't think it'll go with river & movie though! Umm, don't know...what's the answer?? Lol>giving up already...
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Emily,Wedding dress,Strawberry,Jyothimayi
What type of puzzle is this?
Where did you get it from?
What answer does it lead to?
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Samantha,Summer dress,Apple,?
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Not sure about this question but if this is puzzle or something I can answer it. Girl name=Hailey
Flower name=Rose
1 river I tink barrier river? Or is it reef...

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