Is It Necessary For A Girl To Be Beautiful And Sexy?


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It is necessary to be comfortable in one's own skin. If you feel you are beautiful, then you are. If you feel you are sexy, you are. The image that society has put forth is bogus and it should not matter as long as the person is happy with his or her own image.
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Judging from what I see, many plain or ordinary women who have less than perfect figures, find good, and even, extraordinary good looking men with good prospects. The relationships start out as friendships and when the men find the inner beauty and capabilities of their friend are what they are really attracted to, they form a permanent bond.
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Beauty comes from within... To others it matters but to some it doesn't!!! Others are not contented for the things they don't have! They are looking for something that sometimes could lead to an accident! Live free & live for what you have that's the best way!
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You ask a good question because we have to say here that everyone has different values and will be attracted to someone else for those qualities.  
Beautiful and sexy are things to be interpreted by each individual according to their values and the way they see the world and other people.  Beautiful and sexy comes in many varieties, and probably each guy has their own idea of it, so what is beautiful and sexy to one may not be to another. Also everyone may have a different requirement if the girl they go for must be beautiful and, or, sexy.  But she probably is to them anyway.
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maya gogo answered
When some one love you it depends in your personality in the first , then you can take care of your self more than any one...
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John answered
As everyone here has basically said there is someone for everyone. Beauty/sexy is in the eye of the beholder. It is different for everyone.
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Alison Baillie answered
The world is awash with people who do not fit the standard bill of beautiful or sexy - they (I say they, as naturally I am the standard of beautiful and sexy!) seem to find partners and have sex just as often and as easily, if not more so, than the Beautiful People, so I would say no, it is not necessary. Sometimes it's not even an advantage, it just depends what you want it for!
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I would like to think so. Physical attraction is only  the beginning. You can't base a relationship soully on how attractive you are. There needs to be a connection stronger than that. So I'd like to think that if you weren't attractive people would still see for your personality

PTl x
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Well everyone doesn't look the same, and everyone is unique in their own way. Be confident with who you are, every man loves something different about each woman so in time a man will recognize you for who you are sooner or later whether it's on the inside or outside. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
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When I was young there were 2 popular songs sung by men
one was Short Fat Fannie the other was Bonie Maronie.
"short fat fannie is my one desire when ever I see her she sets
my heart on fire"  "Bony Maronie she's not much wider than a 2x4,
she ain't skinny she's tall that's all" They were both loved not because
of their looks but because of their hearts and souls.
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Mrs Ellis answered
Society has helped to brainwash women into an image that can be a fantasy. It is how you feel within that matters. If you want to change do it for you and not for what society says you should look like. For example, lets say you change outwardly. You become the barbie doll that most men desire. Then what happens when you get older or tragedy hits and that outer beauty is altered? If someone is going to love you then that means they should love you unconditionally. They should want what is best for you and not just looking at what is on the outside. I have met some beautiful people who have the most horrible personalities and have turned people off. Most men use those type pf beautiful women as trophy's. There are some beautiful sexy women out there but I had to learn to be personally happy with myself. You have to do the same. A real man will love you no matter what.
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No!!!Not at all....As per the saying.."Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder" is 100% true...In this world,Several people live.All of them have different perspective as per their environments....Although its true that,your overall personality presents you but at last,its your nature and character that a person loves....
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This goes for all people and not only girls, they must understand that being healthy is a situation to improve yourself, not in case you look sexy or what you want, you must be healthier to live longer if you want that. If you need more information you can find it here is an excellent product and text about food.

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No I wouldnt say its necessary..If you mean your morning ritual as they say and look's not necessary it's your choice,you are you same thing for guys..thats my opinion.
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Your don't have to look beautiful to be beautiful...just be your self
and plus..everyone is beautiful you just go to look for it

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