What Is Pronunciation Means?


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Pronunciation is the way a word sounds when it is spoken; for example, when you read a dictionary, you must see the word as it is normally spelled... Then, you will see another version of the word inside of a bracket - this version of the word is written phonetically, rather than grammatically. In other words, it is spelled how it sounds. The phonetic spelling of a word explains its pronunciation.

The pronunciation of words will also depend on a speaker's accent and their understanding of certain rule of language. In some languages, the use of special symbols, such as umlauts, occurs to let speakers know that the words they need to say require a certain sound.

Tips On Learning Proper Pronunciation

• Many people master another language (or their own language) by listening to tapes of voices that are using perfect pronunciation. For example, many people learning Spanish buy instructional tapes and then mimic the pronunciation they hear on the tape, until their own Spanish accent sounds more authentic. Tapes, and just careful listening, are really the keys to excellent pronunciation.
• Conversation is a wonderful way to polish pronunciation - dinner parties, conferences, and even business meetings can provide excellent opportunities to listen and mimic in real-life situations. It's important to allow yourself the odd mistake when you're learning how to pronounce words in another language, or to improve your vocabulary in your own language.

Pronunciation is about clearly defining all of the sounds in a word - it's about following rules that dictate exactly how a word should be pronounced. Dictionaries and tapes will be excellent tools for learning flawless pronunciation. Conversation and mimicry will add polish to an expanding vocabulary in any language. If pronunciation is a problem due to a speech disorder or physical drawback, medical care should be sought out.

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