What's The Correct Pronunciation of 'Quello Che Sara Sara' In Italian?


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The pronunciation of the expression quello che sarà, sarà can be written phonetically in English as 'kwello keh sar-ah, sar-ah'.

The IPA (international phonetic association) transcription of the phrase isˈ[kwello ke sa'ra, sa'ra].

Quello che sarà, sarà is actually the more grammatically-correct form of the popular expression que sara, sara.

Que sara, sara
The similar phrase que sara, sara (sometimes spelled che serà, serà amongst other variants) is popularly recognized as the title of a song written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans in 1956.

After the release of the song, much speculation arose regarding the actual origin of the phrase, and there seems to be great confusion and an ongoing debate about which language the phrase is really in.

This is mainly because the phrase translates almost identically into a number of Romance languages, including Spanish, French and Italian.

Origin and uses of 'que sara sara'
The exact origin of the phrase is unknown, but it is probably more often heard in English than in any of the purported languages of its origin. One suggestion is that an English aristocrat coined the phrase, in Italian, to use as his family's heraldic motto. 

The song created by Livingston and Evans was influenced by an Italian version of the phrase, but made use of Spanish spelling. To further complicate things, the words are superimposed onto English syntax- which is the structure of a sentence.

One other notable appearance of the phrase is in Christopher Marlowe's play Doctor Faustus, which was published in 1604. In the play, the main character (Doctor Faustus) uses the expression to dismiss the doctrine of divinity.

Modern uses of the phrase
These days, the use of the phrase has become something of an anglophone cliché, relating to the supposedly 'laid-back' mentality of people heralding from various countries, including Italy.

The phrase has also started to be used as a football chant by supporters of various football teams; and an example of this was seen when Ireland's supporters were travelling to the Italia 1990 tournament. The fans adapted the phrase into the song: Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. We're going to Italy, Que sera, sera.
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According to the other post asking the exact same question: Kwel-oh kay sah-rah sah-rah

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