What Is Grits?


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Grits is a porridge made from corn. It is popular both in the Southern United States and parts of China. The dish was first produced by milling corn using a gristmill. This has been replaced by more modern methods, but many people still prefer grits produced the old fashioned way. The ground corn is boiled in water to produce a porridge, which is usually eaten at breakfast. The consistency is soft and creamy. There are two kinds of grits ~ yellow and white. Yellow grits is made from milled corn - kernel and all. White grits is made from hulled corn. Although it is often eaten for breakfast, the dish can be either sweet or savoury, and is eaten is a huge variety of ways. Favourite additions to grits include butter, molasses, gravy, bacon or ham, and cheese. It is also used as an accompaniment to fish.

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