Define The Term Analysis And All The Steps Involve In Term Analysis?


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A process of studying the existing system is known as analysis. The basic purpose of analysis is to know which activities are performed in the current system. The analysis determines what should take place in the new system.

Feasibility Study
Feasibility study is also called as preliminary investigation. It is conducted to investigate the required database system. It determines whether the proposed system is affordable, possible and acceptable. It also involves the identification and selection of area.

Requirement Analysis
The requirement analysis is conducted together the requirements for the project. These requirements include the possible inputs for database and the required functionality of project. The users describe their requirements and expectations from the proposed system. It is also used to define the possible domain and restrictions related to the system.

Project Planning
A comprehensive planning and schedule must be developed to complete the project successfully. All cost factors are also taken into consideration. Different cost factors of a project include the following:
Salaries of team members
Trivial expenses such as marriage gifts and insurances etc
Hardware costs
Data Analysis
Data analysis is an important aspect of analysis while designing a database. It involves the following activities.
Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
Decision Table
Decision Trees

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