What Is The Plural For Analysis?


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The plural form of the word 'analysis' is 'analyses', pronounced 'ana-la-sees'.

This refers to more than one scientific analysis for example. It forms its plural in the same way that words such as 'hypothesis'  form their plural forms. For example, the singular word becomes 'hypotheses' in the plural form.

Although it may seem like there is a clear pattern when forming the plural of words ending in -is by simply changing it to -es, this may not be true in all cases. If you are ever unsure about the correct plural form, there is no shame at all in checking in a dictionary.

For non-native speakers learning to speak and write English, rules like this may confuse them as there are so many different word endings to learn. What can be even more confusing is that some words do not even seem to have a plural form and remain the same both in the singular and plural form. This includes words such as 'fish' and 'sheep'. Non-native speakers may be tempted to follow other rules they may have picked up and try to say 'fishes' but us native speakers intuitively know this is not correct.

The only way of discovering all plural forms is through widening your reading to incorporate new vocabulary and spelling. It will all come with practise.
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The plural form of the word analysis is ‘analyses’.   This follows a standard rule for most words ending in ‘is’ including ‘crisis’, ‘hypothesis’, and ‘oasis’ to name but a few.  For all of these words the plural form is derived by dropping the ‘is’ and adding an ‘es’ such as in ‘crises’, ‘hypotheses’, and ‘oases’.
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The reason that these words have weird plural forms is that they are Greek words, not English words. The plural forms are formed according to the rules of Greek.
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The plural form for analysis is analyses. The term analysis in philosophy refers to an entire short description of a meaning or even a content of any kind of a word, phrase or even concept. They are however, not distinguished very easily from definitions.

Analysis in terms of mathematics refers to the idea of a maximum value, moreover the limit of a sequence or the limit of a function. It also comprises of various theories such as differentiation, integration and measure, infinite series, and analytic functions. These theories are mostly referred to context of real numbers, complex numbers, and real and complex functions.

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