What Does The Name 'Mayra' Mean?


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The name “Mayra” is usually thought to be a variant of “Mary”. It's usually pronounced My-rah, but some people pronounce it May-rah.
Where Does The Name "Mayra" Come From, And Is It A Popular Girls' Name?
In the Irish language, “Mayra” is a variant of “Maire”, which is the Gaelic form of “Mary”.

In the mid-‘80s, "Mayra" was a really popular name for baby girls born in America. Since then, the name has seen a decline in popularity, but it’s still relatively common!

What Does "Mayra" Mean?
Some people say that “Mayra” means “beautiful”, but there’s no etymological or historical evidence to prove this. The thing is, it’s your name – you can take it to mean whatever you’d like.

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Mayra is a girls' name and it has originated from the Irish language. The name is actually a variant form of the Gaelic name Marie. The meaning of the name is 'beautiful'.

The name is popular as a first name for girls but rare as a surname. The name is quite common in English speaking countries.
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Mayra means 'freedom' and 'helpful'.

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