What Is The Difference Between An Agreement And Promise?


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An agreement is a legally expressed commitment between two or more parties that thy commit to doing or accepting something with or without terms or conditions. It may or may not have to be witnessed by another party who has no gain by sealing the commitment. Usually agreements are in writing and they can carry implied conditions. It is for this reason that standard or cultured legal forms are used for and agreements or the committing parties may choose to have a lawyer or lawyers draft/write the agreement and explain implied obligations of the agreement and also advise if there are laws which will affect the agreement in any way. An agreement is usually drawn up to seal over or protect the individuals concerned because Thier is a lack of trust/integrity.

A promise is an agreement but not usually in writing except in the case of a promissory note. A promise is usually based on trust and if borken can break a heart or two and cause irreparable damage to a relationship/relationships. If you break an agreement the usual reaction is anger.

Breaking an agreement is not half as painful as breaking a promise. When you promise it, is implied that 'I LOVE YOU" and I would do nothing to hurt you.When people marry for example the PUBLIC promise is more important that the legal agreement one has to sign. That is why it is so painful to deal with divorces. Those who dela with the divorce have so many promises they have to tear apart and GOd is in the middle. That is why he hates divorces..."NO Man Put Asunder!"

On a US coin it is written "IN GOD WE TRUST" and to make a decision of important when people can't decide that same coin with "IN GOD WE TRUST" is flipped to determine..o becomes the "tie breaker" but sad to say so many people in the US express disgust..or treat lightly subjects that should be decided by the same GOD in whom the US citizens and even illegal migrants (they use the coin too) are supposed to trust. Is the coin the nickle/quarter/cent.
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An agreement is where you acknowledge that you have the same view on anything.  A promise however if actually agreeing to make something happen or accomplish something

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