What Is The Word For Grandmother In Cherokee?


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The word you use for grandmother depends on if its your moms mom or your dad's mom. If it's your dads mom, the word is elisi. If it is your mom's mom, the word is enisi.

These forms of the word are only used when talking directly to your grandmother.
If you are telling someone about your own grandmother, it is agilisi and aginisi.
If you are telling someone about their own grandmother, it is jalisi and janisi
If you are telling someone about someone elses grandmother, it is ulisi and unisi.

It is important to realize that these words must be used correctly depending on who you are talking to and who you are describing.

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E-li-si is the word used in Cherokee for
grandmother. For a complete list of nick names for Grandmother in many other languages, you should visit this link
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thank you so much!! :)
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Can you give me the pronunciation for Elisi? Long or short e and i's? And where is the accent placed?

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Cherokee is not a written language, so the answer must be phonetic:

Ay-knee-see - paternal grandmother
ay-lee-see - maternal grandmother
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A-li-si or e-ni-si , e-ni-si can also mean grandfather. A-li-si means grandmother.

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