What Is The Meaning Of "Stooge"?


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A stooge is a performer who feeds lines to a comedian; a person subordinate to or dominated by another.
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A stooge basically means a person with a comedian, who helps him perform the jokes. Usually at times the jokes are carried on this person. He is more like an assistant; he feeds lines to the other comedian, a complete straight man. It further more means a person who allows him to be used for the advantage for other's profit or advantage, more over like a puppet.

• Stooge may also refer to an early surface to air missile.
• Stooge also means, a confederate who acts as if she/he is one of the spectators, in a magic trick or a confidence trick, very much like a shill

The three Stooges were an American comedy act of the mid of 20th century, who were best known fort their tremendous amount of short stories. They were commonly known by their first names, Moe, Larry, & Curly; Moe, Larry, & Shemp; and other lineups. It originally featured the three men line-up in which the brother was Moe Howard, long-time friend Larry Fine and brother Shemp Howard. In 1932, Shemp was replaced by his brother Curly Howard. But later, in 1946 again rejoined it. After the death of Shemp in 1955, Joe Palma was used as a stand-in, in order to help fulfill Shemp's four remaining contracted films. The Stooges' hallmark was completely physical slap stick comedy, mixed with one-liners, it was an introduction of additional characters and outrageous plots.

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