What Does "Dark Horse" Means?


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The word dark horse is a term that is mainly used in politics, when an unexpected candidate has been nominated in the race for election. This stands for a candidate who was not even in consideration or discussed about. Generally political parties select a dark horse because the more experienced members or candidates can't come up to a conclusion.  This expression is used in many other forms of competition which include; motor racing, boat racing, horse racing, football, rugby, basket ball, cricket and many other sports.

The term was first applied 'James Knox Polk' when he won the Democratic presidential election in the year 1844.  He went on to defeat 'Martin Van Buren' and he later went on to win the main elections.
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The term originated in horse racing...the unseeded, unexpected horse wins the race! Nobody was looking at him...hence "dark horse"
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It means that people don't think hes going to win and walla sometimes they come out of the gate and win and if you bet on that horse well you won money
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Dark means, we can explain in positive and negative also. For example in office area some people looks very calm and silent to them some talent is hide, they utilise that when time comes to expose. Means a little conscious to the person where we can't expert the thinks happened by them.
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Dark horse means unexpectedly wining the cup For example....It's the 2010 world cup in south africa and Serbia and Holland r the dark horses.. :)
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The exact meaning of the term Dark Horse is "A little-known, unexpectedly successful entrant, as in a horserace."
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dark horse its the name of a popular comic book company thats founders had a poor self image and marveled at it clifhanger success in dc lol jk
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