What Does The Idiom 'To Ride The High Horse' Means?


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Horse (other than lion) is an animal generally used an animal symbol for pride. Thus, high horse means something that denotes much pride. High horse has an informal use in English language. It is a mood or attitude that is stubborn or arrogant. A person who has such an attitude considers his own self superior to others and behaves arrogantly or rudely. He looks upon others with contempt.

For example: Get down off your high horse and accept your mistake. Here, a person is being told to stop behaving arrogantly. A person considered to be on his high horse offends people around him by his behaviour. High horse could mean haughty attitude or temper, self-importance, self-love, smugness, superciliousness or vanity, conceitedness or contemptuousness.
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As in someone telling you to get of your high horse? Usually means they are telling you you are overdoing things by thinking to highly of yourself
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Means an attitude of arrogant superiority; "get off your high horse and admit you are wrong"
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To be very arrogant or cocky
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In the old days the height of your horse was assorted with the weight it could carry or your status. Via "get on your "High Horse"!

I'm a real Cowboy and my cow horse was only 12.2 hands so I could go under tree limbs easer.

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