What Is The Latin Word For Love?


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The Latin word for Love is Amo/Amor. Amo or Amor both can be used.
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The word 'love' might have made it origins from the facts that priests used people, before civilizations erupted, for gaining power among the minds of people. They had to love their gods and in return gods would love them back by giving them beneficial bounties. Love also descends naturally in human behaviour and psychology. In Latin love is translated as 'amor'.

Many Greek philosophers also used the love for their tales and ideas. In later periods love was given the shape of velvets and jewels to be worn by rich only. Great writers have stated love as the basic idea of the lives of their stories and the characters they endure upon a quest for returning back to their beloved maiden. In present days, love is all over no matter what you want to buy or sell, keep or declare, adjust or remove you need love, in the end.

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