What Is The Latin Word For Survivor?


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Latin is a very old language. It's actually the language from which a lot of current existing languages such as Italian and Spanish are derived!

The Latin word for survivor is Superstes.

History of the Latin language

I found this short video on YouTube that gives a brief explanation of where Latin comes from that may be of interest.

Latin in the modern day

Latin is considered a "dead" language, essentially meaning that it is no longer in common use. It's taught as a specialist subject in some grammar schools but not on most curriculums.

However, Latin phrases, such as the well known Carpe Diem are still in common use. Translated into English this means "seize the day".

Tattoos in Latin

A photo below depicting the Latin saying "carpe diem". Latin sayings such as this make very popular tattoos. However carpe diem in particular is VERY popular so you may way to go with a word such as the aforementioned superstes if you were ever thinking of having a tatoo of this type.

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