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The name Melissa has its origins in Greek mythology, although as to which Greek myth is up for debate. There are four tales relating to the name:

  • Story 1: The Savior Of Zeus?
Melissa was, according to one version, the name of a nymph who after having rescued Zeus from being consumed by his father Cronus was subsequently turned into an earthworm by the angry deity. Zeus, in gratitude for her help as a child transformed Melissa into a bee, so that she would always be associated with the honey with which she had fed him with while hiding him in the hills.

  • Story 2: An Ancient Greek Princess?
After discovering the method of collecting honey, Melissa; a Cretan Princess was transformed into a Bee.

  • Story 3: Priestess Of The Goddess Demeter?
A rather gruesome account tells of an elderly Priestess called Melissa, who was torn to pieces by the women of her neighborhood after refusing to reveal the secrets she had been made privy to by the Goddess Demeter (sister of Zeus). The Goddess set a plague upon her killers by producing bees from Melissa's corpse.

  • Story 4: Zeus's Daughter
As opposed to casting Melissa as the savior of Zeus, this legend has Melissa as one of the many names of the Goddess Artemis; the daughter of Zeus and Leto.

The nymph Melissa from story one, is also credited with turning man away from cannibalism in favor of eating delicious honey from the trees. The common thread between all these stories are bees and honey, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the meaning given to the name Melissa is 'bee'.
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Melissa is a great  name to have it name's a sweet girl that is shy at times is good at singing and is very smart the girl that has this name should be happy and proud of having a great name  though they like to talk to people sometimes they need lonely time too.The girls named melissa are so sexy and pretty they are also the most popular always cool!!!!
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In Greek, Melissa means, "Honey-Bee".

In Persian, Melissa means, "Red Rose".
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The name Melissa as you've all read from the above means Honey Bee. There is loads of myths about the name, but none has ever found out which one to be true. A Melissa is the type of person you could trust with you life, the type of person who would jump in  front of a bullet for someone they love. A Melissa is honest and tells things how it is, they lie occasionally but so does everyone were only human? They make mistakes like any other person in this world, but they have the brains to set it right. They don't like hurting anyone but only if its needed. They know their place in he world and do not resort in violence, heck we all lose are temper but a true Melissa would never cause anyone physical pain. A Melissa speaks from the heart. She should not care about what anyone else thinks of the person that she is or turning out to be, she is one person with a mighty name that means a hell of a lot.

Are you a Melissa? I sure as heck no I'm one....
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Melissa is a girl's name. Melissa is of Greek origin, pronounced as ma-liss-ah it means "bee or honey bee". In Greek mythology it was the name of a princess from Crete who was transformed into a bee after she managed to learn the method of collecting honey. There are like most Greek myths alternate versions available as well. In another version it was the name of a nymph from the mountains who rescued Zeus from Cronus, his father. His father was at that time trying to devour Zeus. She took Zeus into the hills, hid him there and fed him honey and the goat Amalthea's milk. This maddened Cronus who transformed her into a worm. Zeus now was in her debt and changed her to a bee instead so that she could always be associated with honey.
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Mellisa name means Honey, Bee or Honey-bee.
The name is of Greek origin. The Mythology behind Melissa name is that this name was of the princess of Crete, who learnt the way how to make honey and then changed herself into a bee and it is from here the name got its meaning.
Melissa is a very popular female first name and a very rare surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census). Visit the Popularity Chart of name Melissa.
There is also a book named Melissa name in history which is a unique volume of fascinating facts, statistics and commentary following the Melissa family name as far back in history as possible.
Also Visit Mellisa name Average Life Expectancy Chart.
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Girls' name

Greek in origin


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The name Melissa pronounced as Ma-liss-ah is one of the most popular names for girls; it is of Greek origin and means honey or a bee. The legend behind the name is Melissa a princess of Crete in ancient times, who was changed in to a bee; it also means a nymph in Latin.

The name has widely been used in literary works from Italian epic poet Ariosto (Orlando Furioso) to novelist Charles Dickens and poet Alfred Tennyson among others.
In theatre and music too the name has been a favorite one especially Gilbert and Sullivan, the theatre duo and guitarist Greg Allman (Sweet Melissa). Singer Melissa Manchester and actress Melissa Gilbert are some of the famous personalities that were called Melissa.
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I'm a Melissa, and it means honey bee. The coolest part about being a Melissa is the fear of bees is commonly referred to as Melissaphobia, which is kind of neat!
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I know Melissa Mock and Yes she is sweet as honey, Every drop that I make drip from her sweet hot wet body. Mmmmm !

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