What Is Havamal?


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Havamal is one of the most famous Eddaic poems, known as the sayings of the Vikings. The Eddas are similar to the Vedas poems of India or the Homeric epic poems of Greece. They are historical sources of inspiration rooted deeply into northern European culture.

The Eddaic poems are heroic, mythological and didactic in nature, offering ancient wisdoms for a variety of situations. The Havamal sayings are a collection from Viking times, though the exact geographical origin remains unknown. The compositions are thought to originate from between 700 and 900 AD, though it is universally agreed that they were recorded in written format at a later date.

The Havamal have been translated into a variety of languages in recent times. They reveal information on Viking culture, life and beliefs. The topics reveal the social expectations of the Viking world, and cover all aspects of life including friendship, discussion, manners and hosting feasts.
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Very cool question/answer. So many are ill informed about the norse and the vikings, they only see them as blood thirsty savages that wore horned helmets. Not only were they not blood thirsty but they never had horns on their helms ;) lol!

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