What Does My Name Esmeralda Mean?


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It means the Enchantress
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Esmeralda is a word that is mostly used in Spanish and Portuguese signifying or meaning emerald. It is a variety of the mineral commonly known as Beryl. It is a green coloured stone that has traced amounts of chromium. It may also contain iron at times. It is a very precious gemstone and if seen by weight, it is the most precious and valuable gemstone in the entire world. Almost all of the emeralds are oiled as a part of the post lapidary process. The amount of the oil that enters in the emerald is same as the size of a period in print. There are many shades of emeralds. They include the variety of shades ranging from green to bluish green.
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Esmeralda is basically a Spanish and Portuguese word for emerald. It is also the name of a county that is situated in the west of U.S. State of Nevada. Its county seat is Goldfield6.    It is also one of the innovative counties that were formed in the year 1861. It comprises of three county seats which are, Aurora until 1883, Hawthorne from 1883 to 1907 and finally Goldfield. In the 20th century it was considered to be a gold mining boom.    Esmeralda is also the name of another city that is situated in the Camagüey Province of Cuba. This city was formed in the year 1928. Its total land area is approximately 1,480km². Some of the major communities here are Antón Díaz, Esmeralda, La Guanaja, and Palm City. Its main economy is sugarcane, coconuts, pineapple, oranges and tobacco.
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Gender: Feminine
Usage: English, Spanish
Pronounced: Ez-mə-RAHL-də (English), es-me-RAHL-dah (Spanish)
Means "emerald" in Spanish. This name was used by Victor Hugo in his
novel 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' (1831), in which Esmeralda is the
Gypsy girl who is loved by Quasimodo. It has occasionally been used in
the English-speaking world since that time.

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