What Does The Name Neil Mean?


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Neil (pronounced NEEL) is the English version of an old Gaelic (possibly Scottish, though probably Irish) boy's name, NIALL. It is not certain what this name originally meant; it resembles the Gaelic words for "champion" and also "cloud." Some think there may be a connection with the word "passion" but as with many very old Gaelic names it is hard to be sure.

Niall used to be found mainly in Ireland and the Scottish Highlands; the Norse invaders adopted it as Njal, and later it spread to the North of England as Neil.

The name Neil became increasingly popular with English-speaking people throughout the 20th century, and is still very widespread. The fame of Neil Armstrong, who landed on the moon in 1969, may have helped to make the name even more popular in the late 20th century.

Neil is also occasionally spelt Neal or Neill; it can also be found as a surname, or an old Irish family name as in O'Neill.

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