What Is The Meaning Of Ribs?


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Ribs are a circular cage of bones which are joined at some points to the vertebrae and the thorax. They exist in pairs and in the human beings body, there are twelve pairs. When the Flemish anatomist Versalius pointed out that this was the case in both men and women, he threatened the church'spower, since Eve should have one MORE rib than Adam, since he was supposed to have given one away to God to make his companion

The old English word ribb is the origin of the rib itself

Some other meanings include:

a specific cut of meat
a ridge in cloth or a garment of clothing
a wife (she was made of Adam's rib!)
It is the primary vein of a leaf
rib can also mean to make fun of someone
a stiffening or supporting piece (ribbed)
Peter ribs Jane about her new bra
Ribs are also a strip that joins two barrels of a double barrelled gun.

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