What Does A Pain Under My Rib Cage Mean? (It's On The Left Side Under My Armpit)


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There are many possible explanations for pain under your arm pit, and most of them aren't serious, so don't worry. The armpit is home to a large number of nerves and blood vessels, and so it is a place where minor complications can easily arise.

If you are at all concerned about the pain, however, then you should go straight to your doctor to get it checked out. It is very hard to provide an accurate diagnosis without an examination.

Common Causes of Pain Under the Armpit
Sometimes, a pain under the armpit could be caused by something as innocent as irritated skin. The skin under your armpit is very delicate and can be easily damaged by deodorants or shaving. Hair follicles can become infected, and then turn into lesions, which may need to be drained.

The complexity of the nervous system in this area can also lead to pain when nerve roots are torn away from their origin - sports injuries are a common cause of this type of problem.

There are many lymph nodes under the arm, whose job it is to release antibodies in order to fight infection. When they are busy fighting illness, they can easily become infected and then become very painful. This kind of infection can be successfully treated with antibiotics.

Occasionally, lumps can form under the armpit, and most of these are harmless and consist of nothing more than fatty growths, blocked cysts, or excess breast tissue. Lumps should always be checked out by a doctor, however, because certain types of cancer can also cause lumps to form under the armpit.

Finally, the pain of a heart attack can sometimes be felt under the armpit. Some people experience this problem as a type of pressure under their armpit, often accompanied by a pain down the left arm.

If you are also suffering from chest pain, a tingling in the arms, vomiting or fatigue, then seek medical attention immediately. In women especially, the classic overwhelming chest pain that men so often experience when having a heart attack might not be present, so take any of these symptoms very seriously indeed.

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