What Does Tossed Salad Mean?


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Tossed salad in the sexually way. Simply means to eat out or lick a persons asshole.
It is a form of oral sex that is very taboo. The few men I have explored this ass munching,
Fetish with have very much enjoyed it. And we secretly keep it in our sexual practices. I
Can say that the guys that like it are very straight men, but keep it secret, because
Many associate this delicious freak style with gayness. To all the nasty freaks...
Ladies its a must try. Do it or get it done. You and your man will be so happy. I promise!
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Salad is a recipe made out of several types of vegetables and fruits. There are different types of salad. When it is tossed with a dressing then that salad is known as tossed salad. Thus tossed salad refers to a technique of making salads than a type of salad like green salad and potato salad. Salads in generally are very healthy and nutritious and should be included in regular diets of people.

Tossed salad also refers to a sexual activity. There are several ways of doing it but are prone to a lot of health risks. Adult entertainment stars take prior steps to prevent these diseases. One such method is to take enema to clean them before enacting such scenes. Tossing a salad is a slang term for this sexual activity.

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