Is There More Than One Way Of Spelling Sky?


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The word itself has only one spelling (it is Old Norse in origin) but there are various other words based on it.

The plural is SKIES - like all words ending in consonant +"y", the plural is "ies" (like baby/ babies etc.)

In sport it can also be a verb: "to sky" a ball is to hit it very high (in cricket) and then the past tense would be "skied" , which looks exactly like the past of the verb "to ski."

On the other hand, the rarely used adjective is spelled "skyey" (eg "Let's make that blue a bit darker -it's too skyey") and the nagative adjective, again very rare, is "skyless."

The various words which use sky as a prefix keep the same spelling, whether or not they are written as one word: skylark, skydiving, sky-high etc.
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No, unless it's a name - that can be spelled Scai too (my friend is named Scai :D)
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There is NO other way of spelling "sky".   Of course if we refer to "sky" in other languages,
it will not only be spelled differently it will be called an entirely different name.

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