What Is Referred To As The "Other" Holocaust?


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Don't forget the very first holocaust which happened to African Americans in West Africa. The Germans came and exterminated a tribe of people to take over their land They corned many of the people and shot them, and there were some left over to experiment on. They chopped limbs and heads of children, women, etc. And placed them on platters with screws to examine them. I think Switzerland owes us money and reparations just like they gave money to the Jews.
What the jews didn't know was that Blacks were also placed in concentration camps in Germany but the Germans considered them lower than the jews so they never showed themor mentioned them. I stumbled upon the book in a library I think its called Germanys African Holocaust. If you look on youtube I think it shows it there.
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The "other" Holocaust is a term sometimes used to refer to non-Jewish victims of Nazi atrocities during World War II. Although European Jews sustained by far the greatest losses during the Holocaust , some historians feel that there should also be emphasis on the other victims of Nazi aggression.

One of the earlier historical works to focus on the "other" Holocaust was a relatively short book written by Bohdan Wytwycky entitled "The Other Holocaust--the Many Circles of Hell." Wytwycky received a PhD in philosophy from Columbia University.

According to Wytwycky's calculations, up to 9 million people died in the Holocaust, in addition to the 6 million Jews The non-Jewish victims include the death of about 600,000 Roma (Gypsies), up to 3 million Polish Christians and up to 1.4 million Belorussians. Additionally, there were many more Ukrainian victims (perhaps as many as 3.9 million) and Jehovah's Witnesses were often also sent to concentration camps.

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