What Does "Bill Receivable" Mean?


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Bills receivable is terminology that is used between a debtor and creditor. This is accounting terminology that is used in countries such as India. An example of Bill Receivable has been illustrated for your benefit:

Mr. X owes Mr. Y $100. He owes this money because M.r Y has sold furniture to Mr.X but X has not yet paid Y. He has promised to pay Y after 6 months. Y will then issue a note to X called a Bill of Exchange. This bill will state that X owes Y a specific some of money because he has received furniture from Y. It will also specify the date on which the payment will be made by X. This bill of exchange will be printed on Government approved stamp paper only.

In the double entry system of accounting, this bill will be called Bills Receivable in Y's books and Bills Payable in X's books.
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Bill receivable is a bill which is signed by the debtor for making payment in future at a specific time to the creditor...it is only a written evidence of making payment...
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Bills receivables: Is the money a party owes you, in the income statement it is recorded as company's assets.

Bills payable: Is the money you owe to a party, in the income statement it is recorded as company's liabilities.
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Bills receivable is an current asset to the business, when v sell to any customer if he can't pay the amt v give him a document asking him to paying within a specified  time.
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Bills receivables/payables should be located in the balance sheet and not on the income statement.
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It is a kind of promissory note written by the buyer of any goods or services for credit purchase to the seller

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