What Does It Mean When A Stamp Is On A 100 Dollar Bill?


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Hello all, I lived in Switzerland for 7 years and the uk for 8 years but I'm originally from nigeria. When I lived abroad I would go back home, once a year. And before I leave Nigeria I would change what ever local currency I have into dollars. Now the dollar traders or bureau de change in the Market. Give you the dollars and stamp them in what looks like Arabic writing. This is done to avoid being scammed. With that print on the dollars you can return the dollars back to the person who changed them for you. In a case where they are not accepted or are said to be fake. So that why you have evidence of the source of the dollars. Hope this helps you
Some are chop marks from other countries as the currency passes through to make sure its legit. The drug theory is true as well, because about 75% to %80 of the worlds opium comes from the middleast, primarily Afghanistan. (Strange, because we are currently occupying the between the lines on that one) Also american drug lords, as well as other countries drug lords would use the same method. So there are actually 2 theories...
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Lots of them have strange stamp marks on them , I don't know ? Please help !!!
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I have been fascinated with this for years, and still don't have any solid answers about these markings. Much of it is a mystery to me too! I just started a new blog a week ago that is completely dedicated to marked bills. Please stop by at markedbills(dot!)com and say hi! We'll get to the bottom of this!
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This is usually the stamp of an drug ring to show competitors how much money has passed through their hands.
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These answers are too vague, why would drug dealers want to bring attention to themselves?  I have been collecting the transcribed images of 100 $ bill stamps for over over 20 years, have a collection of 150 or least a third of them have arabic writing or mideast images (camels, pyramids etc.), many are just animal images or letters and numbers...but I don't think the "drug cartel" catch-all answer holds much water.  So this isn't an answer because I don't really know, just another question, any one else know?

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