What Does Bill Of Fare Mean?


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Bill of fare means a list of food items or a menu in simple terms. It can also be used to denote a list of items or events in a presentation or a program. Thus it is a list of the dishes in a restaurant or the items to be discussed in a meeting or get together. Some of the words that are similar to the word bill of fare are carte, a la carte, table d'hote, prix fixe etc that mean more or less the same with slight differences. Previously the menu or the bill of fare only had a single purpose. It was to inform the customers about what is available in the restaurant and at what prices. But like everything else the bill of fare has also undergone a great change. Elaborate care and planning goes into preparing the menu.

Today it is a marketing tool and an advertising kit. Many reputed restaurants have elaborate menus in different languages to give an air of variety and diversified look. Some menus even have explanations about the dishes and their specialty along with the prices.

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