What Does 3 Times A Day Mean As In Medicine


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3 times a day refers to how many times you should take your medicine throughout the day. Obviously.

If the drug should be taken with food then most people will take there tablets at breakfast, lunch and dinner. This makes sense, and makes it easy to remember.

However, what is best for treatment is to take medicine at exact intervals through-out the whole day. So three times a day becomes one dose every eight hours. A good time frame for this is 6am, 2pm and 10pm.

This ensures more stable concentrations of drug in your body at once, decreasing the chance of side effects related to peaks of drug concentrations if you were to take your pills at say 8am, 12 midday and 7pm.  It also keeps the drug at effective concentrations in your body ensuring that they work throughout the whole day.

Above all, read the instructions on the medication, and follow instructions given by your doctor and pharmacist. Oh and do not go to chiropractors ... For anything.
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Every 8 hours.  You suppose to take it 3 times within 24 hours and it is best to separate in equal time intervals.  8x3=24; hence, you take it every 8 hours.  
You may adjust as needed, say, by changing all three times:  
7am, 3pm, & 11pm.  
5am, 1pm, 9pm
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I have to have this discussion many times.  Shortly, it means morning, noon and night.  The idea is to get enough of the drug in the system causing the least amount of disruption to digestion such that a certain or specific level can be reached by slumber.  If the drug were to be taken every 8 hours, it would most certainly say so as it would cause most people to have to wake up early or stay up past normal bed-times. In those cases the objective is to maintain a specific level throughout the 24 hour period.  It may be that some doctors write their Rx incorrectly, so you should never leave the doctors office without asking what he is prescribing and how often you should take it.  Repeat back to the doctor what you heard to avoid any misunderstandings.  Your physician will appreciate your attention.
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I tried taking my blood pressure medicine as a doc suggested at meal time. However, the length of time between 6 P. M. And 6 A. M. Let my blood pressure rise to a point that was higher than recommended. I returned to eight hour intervals and my BP was acceptable at any time.
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Not all drugs need to be taken 3 times a day, it depends either on the drug use regimen or on individual characteristics. I haven't taken chemical drugs for a long time because all my treatments are cbd products. Now I use cbd cream 1000mg and rub it into my muscles and joints 2 times a day, because this is the most comfortable option for me.

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This expression is usually used by doctors or physicians at the time of prescribing pills to patients, for instance, "take this pill three times in a day, every day for two weeks". It normally goes together with associated medical counsel, like taking the pill following a meal, or between meals, or on an empty tummy, prior to sleeping, instantly after getting up etc.

The regularity of the times one is obligated to take the medication is directly proportional to the dosage that he or she is provided. For instance, if one is prescribed a high dosage of any type of medication, then he or she will not need to take the medication many times in a day and vice versa. Medication of this nature is generally given as a course over a period of time, ranging from a few days to several weeks or months depending on the nature of one's condition.
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Usually, the standard is that people eat 3 times a day. I'm assuming (just assuming) that the bottle is suggesting that you take it around meal time.

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