What Does It Mean To Know Yourself?


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To know yourself simply means to known actually who that person within you is. And it is very important that if you need to known yourself you need to spend sometime with yourself. It is necessary to known what the person within you is talking about. Once you seek time for yourself, try and questions yourself on various qualities and issues relating to your. Give your qualities and values points and see where you drop. If your family values are low then try and increase them. Hence the only best way to known yourself is by trying and spending time with yourself. Mark areas where you feel you re not performing and find solutions to increase that potential.
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You see it's very difficult to explain it since people are very complex, have many ideas, wants, needs, qualities and faults... and you of course know that. I personally have tried to understand my self but I seem to change radically every few months so I've figured that there are certain things you must always know about yourself so you can stay true to your principles and so you wouldn't regret something you do later on in time. And also so you can have your life and wants in order and know what you want to do with your life. You can always keep a journal: it helps when you reread certain moments of your life to understand why and how you reacted.

There are many ways to understand yourself better. First you write down how you describe yourself in 2-3 sentences max. Then you write down all your interests, hobbies, things you do and want to do in separate columns. The you write your best qualities (things you like and want to keep this way since they come in handy) and faults (always fixable by the way =)). Then write down how you intend to fix these faults and to improve yourself in general. After that write down what your goal is for your life, for the next month, for the next year. Now you know the basic things you can know for yourself in this short tutorial :D

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