What Does The Name Rudolph Mean?


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The name Rudolph is of German origin, the name is also spelled as Rudolf. From the German origin the name is a hybrid of two names; 'Rod' and 'Olf'. In German the word Rod or "Hrodh" stands for "Fame" and the word 'Olf' stand for Wolf", the name in German is spelt as "Hrodulf". The rough English translation of this name can be "Famous Wolf".

The name Rudolph is a very common first name that can be given to males, however it is very less commonly known as a surname.

One of the most famous person who had the name Rudolph was, 'Rudolph II, the Holy Empire, he was the king of Hungary. He was born on the 18th of July in the year 1552; he passed away on the 20th of January in the year 1612.
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The word "Rudolph" is a name of old German origin. The name is pronounced as "Roo-dolf" and it means "famous wolf". It is also the name of Santa's legendary reindeer Rudolph. This reindeer Rudolph is supposed to be Santa's reindeer famous for his red and shiny nose that helps Santa see in adverse weather due to its glowing ability. There are a number of variations of the name Rudolph including Dolph, Rodolph, Pollo, Rudy, Rudolpho, Rolf, Raoul etc.

Several famous people bear the name Rudolph either as a surname or as a first name including Rudolph Guiliani a former Mayor of the city of New York.
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Rudolph is a red nose reindeer to some children. There was a movie called 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' that came out on TV in 1964. It was a classic Christmas show. Burl Lves was the snowman that was the narrorator.
To grownups, it is some kind of german thing. I don't really know, but I do know that to kids, it's a Classic musical and a song. Why not google it for more information on rudolph?

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