What Is Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening In Arabic?


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Arabic is a language of many variations and dialects that are spoken in a large number of countries. Here are the most widely accepted translations:

Good morning = Saba'a AlKair
Good afternoon = Masa'a AlKair
Good evening = Masa'a AlKair

If you are going to a specific country it is worth searching the internet for translations. For example, here are the translations for Egypt:

Good morning = Sabar el rir
Good afternoon = Naharak
Good evening = Messa el rir

And for Morocco:
Good morning = Sbah lkhir
Good afternoon = Mselkhir
Good evening = Mselkhir

There are a large number of websites that offer translations, or have dictionaries of common translations. These are extremely helpful if you are going on holiday to an Arab country and want to be able to speak a little of the native language. You will often find that you are given a far more friendly welcome, in any country, if you attempt a few greetings, even if your pronunciation is not perfect!

Of course, you can also buy books to help you learn Arabic.

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