What Is The Meaning Of 'Tradition'?


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The word tradition comes from the Latin word 'traditio' meaning to hand down or hand over.
Traditions are usually customs, events , stories which have been handed down through generations. Oral traditions are stories or information which has been passed on by word of mouth - these can be very ancient and are common to pre- literate societies.

Families and groups have their own traditions. Traditions don't have to be ancient, they can be invented at anytime and become part of the cycle of traditions.Some traditions are seasonal such as celebrating the bringing in of the Harvest - Harvest Festival, dancing round the maypole on May day, Christmas are all traditions here in the UK.

In Britain and Ireland there are thousands of traditions which form a deeply embedded part of the cultural heritage of these countries. We have many national, regional and local traditions many of them unique to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
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Tradition is something like a ritual passed down from generation to generation or may have to do with religious practices. For instance, jewish men wear a little cap at the mere mention of god to remind themselves that there is always someone above them. In the supreme court on Canada, men wear a special collor and in britain, it is tradition for court judges to wear a wig due to a long time ago plague of syphillis when many lost their hair. Families will form traditions, such as aunt Betty is always the one to bring the bean casserole, gosh, never tried it, would love to. In our family tradition was that because we were so many children, the mine would give my father min. 10 lbs turkey with an additional 5 lbs for each child. Way too much, so every year, dad would take the saw out, as it was frozen and cut in half. Half for Xmas and half for New Years. It also became a family joke, that it was tradition that dad would almost burn down the house every year cooking said turkey. :)
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A custom or beleif passed within families or other groups from one generation to another.
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Tradition generally means something that has been going on for a long time. There are various different traditions around and some could be considered as slightly strange, whilst others are used by thousands of different people.

You can have a traditional wedding for example which is basically a beautiful white dress, the handing over of rings, the father walking the bride down the isle. It is a tradition which has gone on for many years in the Christian faith. Of course other faiths have their own traditions too and no two faiths are the same.

Overall a tradition is something which is followed year after year and it is passed down to our children. It is something that means a lot to us and it is something which will never be broken.
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I think it just means stuff like you know passing down of generations and making sure your family and all that keep up your traditions.
It is kinda like religion

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Its a specific of long standing.
And a ritual that has been
passed dawn from generation
to generation.
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Tradition is something which has been lost  just like as light is lost when night come into existence. This has happened only because of westernisation or a disease called fashion, which is so intolerable that we have to alter every 6 months but tradition remins forever......

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