What Does The Name Todd Mean?


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The name Todd is usually a given to a boy. It is usually pronounced as tahd. It draws down to Middle English origin, which literally means "fox". This name also possibly refers to a foxhunter. It remains a dialectal statement for a fox in some parts of Britain. The variant form of this name is Tod. The name also sounds very much similar to Tadd and Tedd. It also refers to a Scottish nickname for a person who is usually considered to be clever or wily.

It also refers to name of various places like Todd County in Kentucky, Minnesota, South Dakota and township in Pennsylvania (Fulton County), Minnesota and Huntingdon County (Pennsylvania).
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Todd is a Scottish surname found in high numbers in lowland Scotland.
It is from the Scots provincial name for a fox.
Todd is a popular surname in the areas around Dumfrieshire.
The use of the second D appears to be no older than the eighteenth century in most cases although there are exceptions. In 1270 a Baldwin Tod held lands in Lambirtoun and in Caithness the name Todd is found 1329.
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Yes my dads last name what todd, he told us we were welch I wanted to know where we came from.
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No your name is spelled with two D's changing the word completely Todd with two D's in German means nothing. However my name is spelled with one D so my name literary means Death.
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Todd means fox bit is also refered to wise or wily. But in germany the name "Todd" means death.
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My name is Todd my name means death?

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