What Does Capitalist Mean?


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Capitalism is an economic system in which wealth, and the means of producing wealth, are privately owned and controlled rather than publicly or state-owned and controlled.[1] In capitalism, the land, labor, and capital are owned, operated and traded by private individuals or corporations,[2][3] and where investments, distribution, income, production, pricing and supply of goods, commodities and services are primarily determined by private decision in a market economy largely free of government intervention.[4][5]A distinguishing feature of capitalism is that each person owns his or
her own labor and therefore is allowed to sell the use of it to
employers.[2][6] In capitalism, private rights and property relations are protected by the rule of law of a limited regulatory framework.[7][8] In the modern capitalist state, legislative action is confined to defining and enforcing the basic rules of the market,[7][8] though the state may provide some public goods and infrastructure.[9]
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A capitalist is defined as a person who strongly advocates capitalism and owns capital, but is a conservative supporter of the capitalist model of the economy. Capitalism is an economic system in which all the means of production are owned by the private sector enterprises.

Capitalist is a term which means of or pertaining to capitalism or capitalists. A person who invests capital in a business is known as a capitalist. Most of the well-known capitalists of the world have invested capital in large business organisations.

Capitalism has been defined in various ways by different experts. The main objective of all capitalists all over the world is to make profits. Apart from the profit motive, the other major characteristic of capitalism is the operation of the free market. The free market forces determine the levels of investments, production, distribution, income and prices. In a command economy, the control of all the means of production is centralised and in the hands of the state.
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