"Control The Violence Of Faction" What Does Faction Mean In The Sentence?


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A faction is a group with a special purpose, emphasis or interest in something. Examples of some types of faction are the Catholic Church, McDonalds Corporation or the National Rifle Association. It could also be used for political groups, including those who use violence or terror as a method of political action.
It can also mean a group within a group that has particular specific interests.

Faction can also refer to dissension from the norm and be relate to inter-party strife within political or social groupings.

The 'Real' IRA are a faction in Northern Ireland that have broken away from the IRA because they no longer believe in the movement. Dissent is often a popular part of joining a factious movement.

Some other words for faction are cabal, clique, circle, clan, bloc (remember the Eastern Bloc?) and sect. This last one relates more to Sectarianism which is a particularly form of aggressive behave from one Sect towards another.
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Within this context, a faction refers to an armed political or military group. For example, Palestine has been especially plagued by factional violence ever since the beginning of the second Intifada in 2000, and especially since the election of the Hamas government. In most cases, factional violence refers to battles between Hamas and Fatah, the two main political and para-military organizations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Recently, for example, members of Fatah's militaristic wing attacked the Hamas-led Ministry of Agriculture and destroyed technical equipment and documents.

There has been a major increase in factional violence in Palestine since late 2006. Hamas even alleged that Fatah attempted to kill its foreign minister. More than 23 civilians have been killed in the most recent outbreak of factional violence in Palestinian territories, while Fatah's military casualties stand at 45 and those of Hamas at 27. In total, over 317 people have been injured on both sides.

Factional violence usually refers to domestic, national or civil conflict, rather than a war with another nation or power.

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