What Does The Name Oma Mean In English?


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The name Oma is a name for a female which means 'Commander' in Arabic. In the German and Dutch languages, the word 'Oma' stands for grandmother.

Oma Desala is the name of an imaginary character portrayed in the TV series Stargate SG-1 acted by Carla Boudreau and Mel Harris.

Oma is an individual who is assured of her duty as an ascended being to lead those under to the Great Path of enlightenment. As a result, she is sort of ostracized by the other ascended beings. She lives mainly on the planet Kheb, where a type of Buddhist structure is situated, in which people study about ascension.

She once made a grave error when she aided the fallen Anubis to ascend and he betrayed her and the Ancients by misusing important information.

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