What Does The Name Nestor Mean?


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The name nestor has its roots in ancient Greek. It is thought to mean traveller; wisdom. It could also possibly mean "homecoming".

In Greek mythology, the name is associated with Nestor of Gerênia, son of Neleus, who was the King of Pylos as well as of Chloris. Nestor rose to be king after Heracles slayed Neleus in addition to all of the brothers and sisters of Nestor. He is an aged but vigorous king, a character that features in Homer's "Iliad".

The name Nestor is typically used in Spain, the Philippines as well as many Latin American nations. Nestor is also the name of a Southwest Asian Christian denomination. Nestor is a genus of parrot, in ornithology.
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In Greek mythology, Nestor was the name of a wise old man who acted as a counsellor to the Greeks at Troy. The word nestor is also defined as a genus of Psittacidae. Nestor is a genus of parrots. These parrots are native to New Zealand. The nestor genus is apparently the only genus of the subfamily Nestorinae. Nestor of Gerenia, in Greek mythology, was the son of King Neleus of Pylos and Queen Chloris. Nestor himself became the king after Heracles killed Nestor's father, King Neleus and all of Nestor's brothers and sisters.
Nestor is also the name of a card game. It is a variant of the game of solitaire, a popular and highly addictive card game. The objective of the game of Nestor is the removal of pairs of cards. Nestor is the name of a security device used in the field of communications. Nestor is another word for a legal counsel.

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