What Does The Name Rodney Mean?


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Rodney is a name for boys. Rodney is of Old English and Old German origin. It means 'Roda's Island' or 'Island by the clearing'.

There are many famous personalities with the name Rodney. The most prominent one is the American stand-up comedian Rodney Dangerfield. Rodney Linderman is a talented American musician. Rodney Scott is an American baseball player. Rodney Roque is a Guamanian guitarist.
Rodney is also a fairly common surname.

Rodney is also a surname. There are a number of prominent people with the surname Rodney. Caesar Rodney was one of the signatories of the American Declaration of Independence. Caleb Rodney is a former Governor of the American state of Delaware. Fernando Rodney was the gifted relief baseball pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.

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The name Rodney is believed to be of Old English and Old German origin. The name Rodney is pronounced as RADH-nee. It is believed to mean either an island near the clearing or Roda's island. Rodney has two variations including Rodnie and Rodnee. There are several places also called Rodney, including Rodney in New Zealand, Rodney Village in Delaware and Rodney in Iowa. Rodney is also used as both a first and family name. As a surname it is seen in the names of several prominent people including Daniel Rodney a former Governor of Delaware, Caesar Rodney a you. S. Senator from the state of Delaware, the family of the Baron Rodney including the first George Rodney who was once the admiral of the British Royal Navy.

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