What Is Meant By Attrition?


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Attrition is a word that can be used in many different contexts to mean several different things.
One typical usage of the word is when a particular group of subjects has been selected for a study of any kind, or for a group discussion, and several people drop out during the course of the study. At such a time, it can be said that due to attrition, conclusive results could not be reached.
Attrition is also the word used when there has been a dramatic reduction in the population of employees in a company, due to certain external uncontrollable factors, like for example, a better offer from a competitor.
Another meaning of attrition is when a solid starts to wear down or break down due to friction, leading to a reduction in effectiveness.
In all the contexts described above, attrition means a 'reduction in effectiveness of functioning due to a reduction in population, or due to wearing down'.
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Attrition is friction, erosion, or rubbing off. It can also mean wearing away. It can change meaning when used with other words.
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Abrasion, Show destruction, erosion, wear and tear, eating away, wearing away, grinding down
These are the synonims of attrition.
You can take any meaning based upon that situation

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