What Does Failure Mean To You?


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Failure is also a part of our life. It is not an easy job to face the failure but we have to face it in any way. It is our capacity which makes us able to bear the hot and cold of life. If we think that failure is a ladder to the success then we must appreciate and take it seriously. Actually failure tells us that what was wrong and where we were not doing well. So, it is good to consider the rationales and pretexts behind failure. If we think that we can face the failure then no doubt we will ostensibly succeed as soon as possible.
Every failure is a step towards success. It is like knocking on the door of success again and again with a hope that it will open one day or the other. If we think that we really can open it then it says that our failure is not dawdling. It is going to pay us off in one way or the other. So, don't take it to heart but you should take it seriously. It is our failure which can increment the happiness and joy of success.
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FAILURE is the step to success like to the saying "FAILURES ARE THE PILLARS OF SUCCESS."
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A failure is a thing or person that does not produce or produces far less of what is expected.
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Failure means "The secret of passing" to me. It is the secret of passing because it makes us realize we made a mistake , and makes us learn not to do the same mistake next time.

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