Whose Quote... "They Can Because They Think They Can"?


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This is a quotation from Virgil's Aeneid. Virgil (70-19 BC) was a Roman poet, chiefly famous for his epic, the Aeneid. This poem tells the legend of the Trojan hero Aeneas, one of the sons of King Priam of Troy (and brother of Paris, who eloped with Helen.). After the war between the Greeks and Trojans he left the city and headed for Italy, where it was prophesied that he would found a new civilisation. On the way he was shipwrecked at Carthage and had an affair with the queen, Dido. THis ended when the gods reminded him of his mission; he left Dido (who killed herself) and went on to found a city which became Rome. In legend, Aeneas is one of the most important characters associated with Rome.

The complete line is: "Hos successus altit: possunt, quia posse videntur." - "These successes encourage: they can , because tey think they can."

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