What Is The Boy's Name Gene Short For?


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This is sometimes given as a name in its own right, especially in the US, and there have been several famous Genes including actors Gene Kelly and Gene Hackman. Its full form, Eugene, has been less common in the last century. Eugene (originally stressed on the second syllable, but now often stressed on the first) is a French name made popular to early Christians by several religious figures including four popes. The French name derives from the Greek Eugenios; this itself comes from the Greek word eugenes ("well born, noble.") The prefix "eu" always has the meaning of "good" as in "euphemism" or "eulogy."

There are variants of this name in many languages; the Russian Evgeny is an example. The feminine forms are Eugenia and Eugenie, both now very rare. Gene can therefore be used as a girl's name too, but seldom is (an exception was the late film actress Gene Tierney.)

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