What Is Primary Accurate Empathy?


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The so-called sympathy is refers to realizes others' standpoint.
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Primary accurate empathy is defined as a technique which is conducted in a human relations laboratory. It is categorised under the subject matter of the dynamics of human behaviour.

In the laboratory experience of the dynamics of human behaviour and primary accurate empathy, the students of the course get the opportunity to explore their style (and those of others as well) of interaction with others in the group.

By doing the practical exercises in the human relations laboratory and by interacting with other members of their group, the students learn how to use basic skills of interpersonal communication such as primary accurate empathy (that is basically expressing concern for another person), immediacy (that is being quick to react or respond to any situation) and appropriate self-disclosure (that is only doing or saying as much as is required). These three concepts are considered to be the prerequisites to be an effective counsellor.

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