What Does Ultrasound Mean?


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Ultrasound is a frequency of sound that is inaudible to humans. The limit at which humans hear is 20 kilohertz or 20,000 hertz. Any sound having a frequency higher than this is ultrasound.

Ultrasound is not audible to humans but other animals are not entirely deaf to it. Dogs, mice, dolphins, mice, bats and superman all find ultrasound audible. Lex Luther played by Gene Hackman sends Superman a message in Ultrasound in the first part of Christopher Reeves series of the Superman films.

Ultrasound is widely used in medicine today as medical professionals called sonographers use specialised equipment to scan and view the interiors of the human body. The procedure called sonography is used widely to observe the foetus in the womb of pregnant women to ascertain the well being of the child. In recent years, scientists have developed 3D ultrasound which helps provide a better understanding of the unborn child.
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Now this is a very interesting question. Any sound with a frequency above the upper limit of human audible frequency range is known as ultrasound. Generally any sound with a frequency above 20 KHz is classified as ultrasound.

There are various applications of ultrasound. Below I have listed a few of the major applications.

Ultrasound usage in medical diagnosis
Ultrasound is mainly used to obtain images of internal parts of the body. Mostly it is used for pre-natal examination to observe and examine the development of the foetus. Now how this does happens is a question most people tend to ask. Well ultrasound pluses are sent into the body by means of a transmitter. The echoes which are reflected from any surface with in the body are received. By noting the time interval, the depth of the reflecting surface within the body may be known.

Ultrasound is also used for cleaning and is especially effective in the cleaning of irregular surfaces, internal cavities and passageways.
The transmission of high ultrasound may result in the creation of capitation bubbles. They are created at sites of rarefactions. These bubbles may displace contaminant from surface and allow fresh chemicals to come in contact with the contaminant remaining on the surface.
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I had a fall from a vanity while hanging a curtain rod.   I hit hard my stomach and pelvic area hit the back of the footstool, my head a book case, and my shoulder the floor.   My doctor did a ultra sound and found free fluid in the pelvic and abdominal area.   I am 67 years old, and generally in good health.   What does this mean--free fluid--?
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What does ASUM-V2 mean on the ultrasound dating scan because on mine it has
ASUM-V2  - 13w 0d
GA  -  12w 3d

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