What Does The Name Liverpool Mean?


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The name Liverpool was termed from the original mile long inlet from the River Mersey called the "Pool," which once existed there. The term "Liver" as believed by certain people refer to the Old English word "Liefer" which implies "thick," with reference to the muddy land which surrounded the pool. Another explanation pertains to the world "Lithe," which is an Old Danish word signifying an inlet by a marsh. In other words, the city's origin lies in the fact that it originated from a muddy inlet on the Mersey. The place was first called Liuepul" in the year1192 by John, Count of Mortain, (later King John) to whom the lands of Liverpool were granted.

Liverpool received a charter from King John in 1207. Today with a population of 469,000, it is one of the most important ports in Britain after London and also one of the largest cities.

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