What Does The Name Horatio Mean?


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Horatio is a famous character in Shakespeare's play Hamlet. He is Hamlet's best friend who remains with him, through thick and thin. He is known to have quoted the famous line to Hamlet, after the latter encounters the ghost of his dead father: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

The name Horatio is used as a name of a boy in Spanish and English. The source of the name is Latin, though the original meaning cannot be traced. The name is not used much in contemporary times albeit a few famous people did not have the name as the first name. Alger Horatio Jr was the 19th century American writer of inspirational books of adventure which featured economically deprived children who through sheer hard work and calibre achieved respect and wealth. Horatio Gates was the name of the American revolutionary who became a valiant hero after the winning the Battle of Saratoga in the year 1777.
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The name Horatio is a name for a male in the English language, derived from the name Horatius which in turn may be derived from the Latin word 'hora' meaning hour, time or season. Although according to some etymologists it might be of an Etruscan origin.

A famous namesake was Horatio Nelson, who is considered to the greatest hero in English naval history. This is because he defeated Napoleon's fleet in the famous Battle of Trafalgar that took place in the year 1805.

He became a part of the Royal Navy at the young age of twelve and took command of his very first vessel at the age of twenty. He was admired as a Captain; he also had to face criticism from many owing to his antagonistic and non conventional strategies.

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