What Is The Meaning Of The Name Aguinaga And Where Does It Come From?


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Aguinaga is a last name that is more common in Mexico, and parts of South America - but its origins lie in the Basque region of Spain.

It's meaning is 'the place of yew trees'.

What does the name Aguinaga mean? The name Aguinaga developed from the very similar Aginaga. It is a place name (something very common in old Spanish names) and can be traced back to the Basque region of Spain.

The suffix -aga is commonly used in Spanish family names because it denotes a collective or group.

The Agin- prefix literally means 'place of yew trees'.

The name Aguinaga is thought to be related to the following popular Spanish surnames:

  • Aguero
  • Aguera
  • Aguerro
  • Agueras
  • Aguerans
  • Agueos
Famous people with the name Aguinaga
As I suggested before, the name Aguinaga is most popular in Mexico and South America.
Ecuadorian ex-footballer Álex Aguinaga is a good example of this.

Another notable Aguinaga is the American actress Laura Aguinaga who is of Latin-America origin.
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The name Aguinaga is of Spanish origin. It has been derived from the name Aginaga. The meaning of this name is place of yew trees.

This family originated from a place called Aragon which was located in the ancient kingdom of Spain.

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