What Does The Name Emery Mean?


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Emery is the name for a baby boy. Thus it is a masculine name. It is pronounced as EM-er-ee. It is considered as a shortened version of Emmerich. It is a name with Old German origins. It is a term that means "home strength" when translated into English. It may also be a variant of Amalrich or Amory which denotes "work ruler". It is a popular first name and is also common and well known as a surname. This term was first used as a name for an eighth century French saint. His name was Saint Emerus.

Emerus is also a word for a type of granular rock. It is formed as a mixture of mineral corundum and iron oxides. It is very similar to iron-ore in appearance. It is fine grained and impure. It is used for grinding and polishing since long. It is specially found in sandpaper as an abrasive substance.

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