What Does The Name Hanna Mean?


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Grace of god
it also has meanings in different languages:
Persian: Colourful
arabic: Happiness
english: Grace
hebrew (old dialect): Faithful
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Hannah is the name which befits a girl. It is the variant of the name Hannah. The name owes its origin to the Hebrew word "favoured grace." Hanna is pronounced as HAN-nah. In the Old Testament Hannah was the mother of the prophet Samuel. The Latin version of the name is Anna. Hanna is used rarely as a surname but it is used to a vast extent as a first name. The name echoes with qualities of perseverance, patience and elegance.

Famous personalities including men have had Hanna as their surname. Some of the famous names with Hanna are Jack Hanna, TV personality and host; William Hanna, soundtrack artist, Mark Hanna a famous US industrialist and financer. Carmel Hanna is a politician from Northern Ireland.
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The name hannah (the real way you should right it) is being independent and happpy. Your a loveable person with a wonderfull name is hannah and I am not a people best friends name is hanna and she is an outstanding and spontanious girl/women.
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Well for your information MY name is Hanna and the real i spell it is HANNA. And by the way the real way you should spell write, is write.

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