What Does Ethnic Group Mean?


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An ethnic group is basically a small part of the human population who very well closely relate to one and another. They can be united together based n terms like cultural, behavioral, linguistic and ritualistic or religious traits. It is also considered to be a cultural community. Results of such groups are also known as ethnogenesis.

While ethnicity and race are connected concepts the idea of ethnicity is entrenched in the thought of social groups, noticeable particularly by common nationality, tribal association, genealogy, religious faith, language, or cultural and traditional genesis, while race is ingrained in the thought of a biological categorization.
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An ethnic group means (in simple words) people who had lived in an area a long time ago and do traditions, languages,and religion of their own.
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An ethnic group is a group of individuals who consider themselves, or
are considered by others, to share common characteristics which
differentiate them from other collectivities within a
society.  Distinct cultural behaviors are developed, and ethnic groups
can be identifiable in terms of religion, politics, occupation, or
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I think ethnic means people who associate together?

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Ethnic group means groups that are based on many thing and could result on how people are ranked socially.
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The race and color of which your from like black and white.

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